Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Robert Pattinson the "heartbreaker"

This one was ordered by Syireen, my sister's classmate for her bff, Aarti. At first she was hoping that i will put Robert Pattinson's topless pic on the cake :) ---->NEVER. You are still underage girls.... wait till you are 18 ok...hehe

To the birthday girl, oops.."MRS PATTINSON", Happy 17th Birthday to you

Feedback from Aarti:"Hey there!I really,genuinely wanna thank you so much for baking that oh so wonderful,amazing and delicious cake for my birthday :) I appreciate it"

My bff Shereen ordered it for me from youl.Keep up the great work! I totally screamed my lungs out at school today as the cake is SPECTACULAR.Hope you continue to succeed in your business :P


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